Wrap up the Holidays with Fun Homemade Gift Wrap

Wrap up the Holidays with fun homemade gift wrappage direction blog

Many people spend each year doing things with their children and families, so why not spend this year slowing things down a bit by making tree decorations and more with you kids.  Most craft projects are inexpensive and can be accomplished with items you may already have at home.

In the old days little time was spent on the wrap because they poured their heart and soul into the gift itself; therefore, old newspapers or plain brown paper that was initially intended for meat and some produce orders at the market was used to wrap gifts.

They did not use tape because they did not have tape; therefore, they used twine or ribbons from strips of cloth or meant to tie their hair back to keep the gift wrap closed.  This all seems excellent to me.  Inexpensive and downright efficient; because the paper could be used to start the fire in the wood stove later and the string or ribbon could always be reused by the women of the family.

No trash!

So let’s make our own gift wrap, have fun, and save a little money while we are at it!

You will need:

  1. Use plain wrapping tissue, plain wrapping paper, and large pieces of plain paper
  2. water color paints
  3. markers, for note writing on the paper or linking one design to the next on your paper
  4. seasonal ink stamps that can be found at most any discount or dollar stores
    1. or for a fun twist make your own stamp with a potato (cut the potato in half and use a cookie cutter, or stencil to form a design on the potato.  Cut out around the outside of the design on the potato and any holes, tracing lines, or other spots of the design, so that the design stands out from the rest of the potato. Let potato dry out a bit before you use it.  When the potato is dry to the touch, put some water color paint on a paper plate and dip the design side of the potato into the paint.  There should only be a thin layer of paint on the potato design.  Stamp sporadically around the paper till it is covered to your desired liking.  Give the paint a few hours to completely dry before wrapping your gifts.)
    2. Only use the ink stamps on the wrapping tissue if your choice of paper is the wrapping tissue because the tissue will soak up and run with paint.

Be creative and have fun!

Into recycling:

The comic section of the newspaper makes excellent gift wrap!  Some pages from magazines also makes excellent gift wrap for smaller items.

Put the tissue roll tube to use in wrapping those small items, such as socks, watches, jewelry, etc.  Put item in the tube then gift wrap, twisting ends and tying with ribbon.

Large round oatmeal boxes make excellent gift holder for the small hard to wrap items; i.e., clothing, figurines, etc.

Turn your old Christmas cards into this year’s gift tags.  They can also be turned into tree ornaments by cutting out the main picture on the card (or split into a number of different pictures) and putting the picture into a tiny frame made of homemade clay and decorated or painted puzzle pieces.

Take old puzzle pieces and turn them into different ornaments, i.e.:  wreath, candy canes, snowflakes, reindeer, etc.  Glue the pieces together in the form desired then paint them the desired color, depending on the type of ornament you choose.

Old puzzle pieces can also make a very nice and crafty gift, i.e.:  frames – cut out a template of a frame.

puzzle - Copy (2)

Lay out pieces on the template as solid as possible (needs to be just large enough to fit photo in center.  Glue more pieces on top to fill the same amount of space as the base layer, making sure to put one piece on top of two pieces thereby gluing two pieces together.  The next layer will be on top of the layer you just did and glue the inside layer at least half a piece in to hold glass, picture, and backing in.


Use a thin piece of cardboard on the back to keep picture flat.

puzzle - Copy (3)

Glue an oval bead on all four sides of the frame.  Only glue the very center of the bead and not one whole side of it.  Wrap a string tightly around beads so that it goes from one side to another and another string going from top to bottom to hold the glass, picture, and cardboard in.  A larger frame could quite possibly use up most of a 50 to 100 piece puzzle, depending on the size you are making.  Seal the frame with modge podge.


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