I am an individual who started out in this world being born the second of eleven kids; unfortunately, I was also the first in line as one of mother’s punching bags.  I could say that there was nothing good that came from this life time of abuse; however, as I was taking on the sole fight to change from an extremely angry person to one of peace, I have met some very interesting people.  I also realized how much I love being out in the wilderness and I am extremely creative and self taught in a lot of areas.  I always say when the need arises make, reuse, or jimmy-rig just about anything.

Going from hate and anger to peace takes far more time, will, and personal desire than most people realize.  To help myself end the insanity I wrote an abridged version of the personal hell I went through and added a bit of insight that may help anybody who needs the help and does not want to advertise their issue.

My_Rise_from_Hell_Cover_for_Kindle (4)Granted most people feel that way, they do not want to air their dirty laundry in public;  however, if you see it from a different perspective (another angle so to speak and maybe through other people’s eyes), you may find that airing your dirty laundry is quite liberating.  You are not the one who did it nor did or do you deserved it, so who cares what other people think.  It does not matter what some people say either.  The only thing that matters is how you feel and that the people you do talk to about this issue are actually supporting you wholeheartedly.  There are some good people out there that do not get paid to listen so if you feel like airing – go right ahead.

During the horrendous climb out of my personal hell, I have taken a few steps back to my heritage (Native- 1/16th Cree, Micmac, ?) and I am extremely sick of this throwaway society along with the governmental controlled poisoning of our so-called food.  I am now doing my part to help eliminate some of the material item throwaways.  I am also doing my best to eliminate any ingestion of nasty tasting poisons that have very nicely been invited to inhabit what was suppose to be nutritionally balanced food items.

I personally love teaching people how to use things and throw out ideas for people so that many different materials are used over again or recycled so that trash is eliminated from our land and air.  I also love to teach people how to help themselves and better their health by ditching the governmental controlled foods right along with many other good people.  There is a lot of good information out there you just need to know what you are looking for and precisely what you are looking at.

Annienightshade.com is a site started to help you and others in many different aspects of life, may it be going green, very creative uses for articles to eliminate trash, or even health and fitness.    I have tried many different forms of work on the Internet to no avail.  Therefore I am doing a total 360 and doing just what I want.

This site is here to:

  • teach you how to make something from nothing (go green)
  • help you through things maybe very few can relate with
  • advise you, in the end it is always your decision

I will start with my story and finish with who I am.   I will be putting what I have experienced and learned over the past few years to good use.  By all means enjoy!




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