Poisons in our Food, What are you actually Eating and Using!

 Poisons in our Food, What are we actually Eating and Using!

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It is only after a brief illness that I decided to pass on what I learned from it.  I do not eat products with sugar because I experience bad cases of vertigo (an experience I do not wish on my worst enemy).  I don’t eat wheat of any kind because I have a stomach that cannot tolerate it at all and it turns into what I call a volcano.  I don’t eat dairy because I seem to have developed a case of eczema, which I have never experienced previously.  Therefore, there is little else to consider other than fresh.  I am now very careful and do not eat anything that has more than one ingredient in it!

Now it is time for all of you to make your own choices as to how you eat!!!  Preferably before you get to my age and experience the hell I have been through.

bread pastry poisons in our food2

Cookies:  6 or more unnecessary ingredients depending on flavor and brand

Bread:  17 to 20 unnecessary ingredients depending on flavor and brand


My questions to you:

  • Why do we eat food that contains chemical?
  • For that matter, why does the US allow chemicals in foods?
  • Do you know that European countries ban chemicals that the US actually allows companies to put in your food?
  • Do you also know that some of the so-called low saturated fat oils are also very bad?  Case in point:  canola oil is used to light oil lamps and people are ingesting this.  Your liver cannot process canola oil properly; therefore, it goes through your body like a poison and the effects appear over time!  I found a site that proved that cottonseeds are poisonous, so why are we using the oil from them????

dairy - poisons in our food

Cheese:  1 to 15 unnecessary ingredients depending on flavor and brand.

Ice cream:  20 to 40 unnecessary ingredients depending on flavor and brand.

Eggs and Milk:  1 to 3 unnecessary ingredients per product.

  • Do you also know that the US has a higher rate of obesity, cancer, and hundreds of other illnesses than most European countries do?  Granted we have more people; however, that should not matter in respects to people, kids, babies, and our pets getting sick because of all the loads of useless poisonous carcinogenic bull that our so-called food is loaded with. Another point from what I have been able to figure out is that those other countries do have cases of cancer; however, most of those who do have cancer – the majority of the cause seems to be smoking or environmental, not their food!!!

fruit veggies - poisons in our food

Raw fruits and veggies: 1 to 2 unnecessary ingredients.

Canned fruits and veggies: 1 to 3 unnecessary ingredients.


Yippee – the chemicals give food a longer shelf life.  That’s kind of funny considering other countries are doing quite well without all those added deadly chemicals. What good is a longer shelf life if the “so-called food” you eat is actually clogging up and/or destroying your vital organs!

protiens poisons in our food

Processed meats, ie: hotdogs, lunchmeats, sausage, etc.:  1 to 22 unnecessary ingredients, depending on flavor and brand.

Chicken and Turkeys: 1 to 5 unnecessary ingredients.

Other processed meats, ie: meatballs, etc.: 1 to 5 unnecessary ingredients.

Your liver, kidneys, pancreas, and other organs cannot filter or process these chemicals properly.  Yes, some people are lucky enough to just pass them through; however, some of us are not so lucky and the poisons are absorbed into our bodies.  Your organs as a general rule cannot process that crap properly; your body was not made to filter tons and tons of chemicals every day.  Personally I can no longer eat processed foods because my body reacts very negatively, as I stated in the beginning.  I wish it had done that sooner so that I would have started eating non-processed foods while I was young.

chips n peanutbutter poisons in our food

Potato chips:  3 or more unnecessary ingredients depending on flavor and brand


Peanutbutter: 8 or more unnecessary ingredients depending on type and brand.

Unfortunately, the US also makes it next to impossible to eat healthy.  The chemicalized foods are priced within a poor person’s budget; however, this poor person can no longer eat that crap without getting seriously sick and missing work.  This last bout I had lasted close to a month and I am still feeling the residue from it; therefore, bills can wait because I actually have no choice.  Eating processed foods renders me a non-functioning person.

Even your vitamins are loaded with processing junk that you are not even supposed to be ingesting, like “titanium dioxide”.  Titanium dioxide is the oxidized particles (a powder made from fine titanium bits)1 on titanium.  Boric acid (Boron) is another one that certain people need to be careful of because of the way it affects the estrogen levels in a body.  Just as a quick point of info:  depending on the brand; however, those vitamins you take religiously every morning are actually treated as hazardous when they need to be destroyed!

The problem with most packaged foods here in the US is that everything is so over processed that the natural flavors and nutrition that you generally get with most goods is lost so chemicals are added in the sad attempt to bring back and enhance the flavor and put back burned out and killed nutrients.  Brilliant, don’t you think!

Someone stated to me the other day that her friend could not understand how the US would allow our food to be processed with chemicals that are actually against the law in England.  After a brief discussion we ended it by her saying that the US does absolutely nothing for its people until it has already done damage to tons of people.  So instead of taking preventative measures and eliminating the poison, they would rather preserve the so-called food.  Go Figure!

Personally I do not call produce, meat, dairy, breads or anything else “food” if it has chemical preservative or enhancers in it.  It actually belongs in a dump somewhere.  Then again, you need to be careful because it will pollute the ground and water!

Hell, these days you even have a hard time finding meats that aren’t enhanced with something, mainly labeled “spices”, which is actually (MSG).  Enhanced, that term is a joke in this instance because it sure does not add to the flavor!  They are treated with antibiotics, ammonia and other chemical additives to kill the e-coli and other pathogens that seem to be occurring during the processing; however, if the animals are taken care of better and everything is kept clean, then they would not have the threat of e-coli that they have!  The threat is only there because they feed some of the chickens crap, I do mean crap, as in fecal matter mixed in with their feed.  It has also been made available just how other meat products are handled, such as scraps dropped on the floor, you know they are no good because they have been walked on and been sitting there the whole day.  These scraps are scooped up and treated with ammonia to kill any bacteria and they ground into hamburg—-YUMMY!  Just so you know this is on the high grade hamburg mostly!

This is a bread label and I have actually crossed out everything that is not actually needed.  I have made hundreds of loaves of bread and never needed to use half of what they do!  Enriched actually means enhanced via laboratory!


1. Do we need sugar, sugar substitutes, and/or false forms of sugar in everything?

2. Do we need salt, salt substitutes, and/or false forms of salt in everything?

3. Do we need MSG (mono sodium glutamate-flavor enhancer that actually kills brain cells) in everything?

4.  Would we actually need antibiotics or other chemicals that destroy pathogens if the animals were treated right from beginning to end?

005Looks more like a bread label don’t it.  It’s not though, it is actually a cracker bag!



007This one is actually a cookie label.  Yes the brand is covered.  It is up to you to read your label.

The answer to all these questions is NO!!


  • When produce is canned it will last a year or more without all that added crap if it is canned properly!
  • Frozen food, as long as it is kept frozen, actually stays good for a year or more without all that added crap!
  • Foods actually taste better without added preservatives because the natural flavors are allowed to come out.  Breads and other products would be bought up more if they actually had more of a natural taste!

Eat naturally for a few months and you will notice the difference.  Processed foods actually taste pretty gross and lifeless compared to the natural forms.  Just the thought of eating processed after you go without will actually nauseate you.

PS:  Sugar is actually poison to the body.  It may taste good but your body does not like it!

With all the over processing required by the Food and Drug administration, I am seriously surprised that we are not all nutrient starved, but then again –  aren’t we?  That is probably half my issue!  Foods are over processed (actually killed dead, I mean dead) then chemically produced vitamins and minerals are added to put back what was killed during processing.  That makes sense??????????

You go to the doctor for medical issues you may have and of course they treat the issue rather than finding the cause.  Ultimately they just give you more chemicals to counteract the chemicals you have been ingesting in your food; what you have been ingesting is actually causing the problems that you are having.

It is up to you how and what you choose to eat.

It is entirely up to you to decide to read the labels and refuse to eat preserved products or not.

I am not going to copy down all the facts or copy the information that someone else has already worked so hard to research and collect.  I only know what I personally have been experiencing and wish to pass it on so that other people can make an informed decision as to what they actually put in their bodies or not.

I do understand that it may be virtually impossible to avoid all toxins in this day and age; however, if you do your best to avoid what you can than at least you will increase your chances of eliminating the majority of the poisonous crap from your life.

The only way for those of us who cannot afford to buy organic is to produce and grow the products ourselves.  Sooner or later maybe all those companies will change their products and eliminate all the chemicals that are now supporting their product.  Unfortunately, I don’t see that occurring any time soon; therefore, maybe swaying a few more people away from prepackaged products for their own health and well-being will help!

FYI:  Another added tidbit:  This is from a few sites that I browsed through ‘The government controls the people through the food”!!!  Personally I am choosing one less thing that our greedy government can control me with!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some sites that give you the information about “poisons in our food”.  There are a load of excellent sites out there that tell you exactly what you are using and what it will do to you, so by all means check them out and make your own decisions!














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Next post:  Poisons in our Food Labels and chemical list and the hazards to your body!  This one is definitely going to take some time; however, I will do my best to collect as much information as possible.