Stuff, Stuff, and more Stuff – Clutter, A hoarders delight, another’s nightmare

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Stuff, stuff, and more stuff.  Clutter, a hoarder’s delight, another’s nightmare

There is nothing worse than having so much STUFF that you have no breathing room. What is this called?  Clutter

What do I mean by the previous statement?  Let’s say that you have collected tons of things over the years and you get rid of nothing.   I mean nothing!

 What is that actually doing to you.  Stop and think about it.  I’ve been there, I know how hard it is to really see what you are doing to yourself.  I can tell you this, your family gripes all the time about the amount of stuff you have; however, they are also whispering behind your back and laying claim to many things you have, or they only plan to trash it.  Forget them do yourself a favor and get rid of it now, it can’t mean that much it is just stuff no matter how sentimental.

ID-10036003According to yin yang, you must remove excessive clutter so that your personal energy can flow smoothly and freely around you and in every direction in the room in order to feel good and be prosperous in all aspects of your life.

You can’t take it with you when you pass on so why keep it if you are not using it or taking care of it!  That only leaves more stuff for your friends and family to go through after you have gone.   I have personally witnessed people bitching the whole way through the clean up after their family member passed on.  Then again if there is something that you had and somebody else wanted when you did pass, I can guarantee that there will be conflict between family members about who gets what.  Personally my cure for that is

  • Put it in writing who gets what, IF you want them to have it.
  • Get rid of everything else you are not personally using.  Somebody else would love that little treasure!

If you have to walk around all the stuff in any given room other than the necessary furniture, then you have way too much unnecessary stuff. If you can only see half way down your walls or less, then you have too much stuff.  If you have a porch, a shed and/or garage and there is no more room in any of these locations you have too much stuff.  If you are reading this then you are ready and need to start thinking about your own health and well-being.

Items that are lying around collecting dust with no actual meaning or basic need to be there – JUNK.   This is my favorite word for items that are not being used.  One
man’s junk is another man’s treasure! Earn some money, have a yard sale!

Here are just some of the excuses that I have personally heard from people who seriously have too much STUFF………..

  • Your kids outgrown clothes, toys, bed, bedding, or whatever else there may be.
  • Things you may have received as gifts that you just can’t seem to get rid of because “Great Aunt Tilly gave it to you, and now she is gone.  However, you never use it or display it because you seriously dislike it.
  • You have so many clothes and accessories that you actually have no closet or bureau space to put them away properly, so all the extra is stored in your kid’s closet, in the cellar, or out in a shed.
  • You get tons of new Christmas tree ornaments and gift wrap each year, so you have so much that previous year’s purchases stay stored rather than used.
  • You have so much stuff that the walls of your house are lined with stuff in storage boxes.  Talk about an energy clog!
  • You keep buying CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, watch them once or twice and then they take up tons of space collecting dust.
  • You have tons of bedding – sheet sets, blankets, and comforters.
  • You have tons of plastic food storage containers.  Do you really need them all? Do you even use them all?
  • You have tons of books that just sit on the shelf and collect dust, yellow, and harboring bugs.  Yes there is a bug (book lice) that lives in the pages of very old books.
  • You pay for extra storage because there is too much and you do not want to keep it at your house.  Talk about giving money away!
  • You can’t use your porch or you can’t seem to get through your garden shed or garage. You are storing or holding on to things for somebody else.

Each of these scenarios may sound funny and/or familiar.  Unfortunately, I have encountered people with each one or all of these issues.  The response if they are asked why they are keeping the stuff.  I may need them later!  My thought…..”REALLY”!!!!!!!!!!

So let’s say we start with getting yourself used to the idea of letting go of all those things that are just lying around.

I will try to cover each scenario and how to deal with it.  Granted, you may not agree with what I have to say and that is completely OK.  This blog is just to get you going in the right direction for you own health, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

How you start, what you start with, and when you start is entirely up to you.  The idea is to just get started with one thing.  One step at a time!  Guaranteed, that once you get yourself started, you will feel so good that clutter will become a serious annoyance to you.  Personally, I get seriously irritated if I am looking around the room for something and I cannot see it or get to it without moving other things!

As I said earlier, all this clutter is not healthy for you in any shape or form, so please for your own sake and the sake of your family please clear it up.   Once you do the feeling of accomplishment will be enormous.

My next segment of this blog will be to try and address the areas of stuff, why it’s there, how to clear it, and dealing with the feeling of ownership to the stuff.

We also need to address the getting rid of all this stuff without making trash that is not environmentally friendly.