Living Green and Clean

living green and clean

Living green and clean, this title says it all.  I am so tired of seeing the amount of trash that goes out every week and the fact that you buy electrical items that only last a year, more or less.  Time to stop contributing to all these big companies and their throwaway society mentality.  I refuse to buy another printer because the last one literally died after just one year.  I do not need one that bad.

Living green and clean consists of making less waste and using as little as possible of any fossil fuels and that includes electricity not generated by natural means.  In that same token, living clean, contributing little to the pollution problem and also not polluting our bodies with food additives that actually are not meant to be eaten.  Using not abusing what Mother Earth has given us so that we can live our lives in some semblance of comfort, having all our needs and bases covered.  Granted it is a bit difficult in today’s society; however, there is always something we can do toward showing Mother Earth and ourselves a little well earned respect.

Living green and clean:  Using natural resources to generate electricity, growing your own food, raising chickens for eggs and fertilizer, using natural resources to generate heat in the cold months, using as little packaged products as possible, recycling when necessary,

That sounds really funny right now, considering I am up at 1:30 AM lights on and writing because I just can’t sleep.  Had a weird day at work, one that ended by getting the rear of my car smashed in on the way home.  Go figure.

Needless to say, here I am! I have lived in today’s society for 50+ year and personally I would be in my full fledged glory right now if I could financially afford to be out in the boonies somewhere just living off the land and not traveling anywhere except for a day out now and then for a little excitement.  

It is not that I need money to do this entirely.  All that is needed is the funds to get the land (which is supposed to be free – but not in today’s society) and to erect some sort of housing (simple yet functional because I have no desires towards extravagance, as a matter of fact, I actually lean toward my native heritage) As it stands right now I am having all I can do to save toward that goal; all the while our lovely government keeps sucking money out of us for social security and increasing the retirement age just hoping we all work ourselves to the grave just so they don’t have to give any of that money back.

Any way now that I am partially done with that little tangent maybe I can get my mind back to this.  If I’m not going to make money, maybe I can help somebody.  These pages are geared toward helping you mentally, spiritually, physically, and environmentally!  I will do as much as I can to help anyone who is asking and maybe anyone who doesn’t ask.  It has been my life’s desire to do just that.  If you want something specific discussed, by all mean give me a shout and I will put in my 2¢.

My original pages were destroyed by somebody who, I guess had nothing better to do.  I hope they found what they were looking for.  My pictures and links were all destroyed and now all I can seem to get is thumbnail pics which are virtually useless with what I wanted to bring to your attention.  I restate – I hope they found what they were looking for.  If anybody sees these pages copied, you know where they came from and please report the theft because this is my time, personal experiences, and work. Done with that little tangent too, I guess. I am not just writing what people may want to hear, I am also doing my best at not contributing to the pollution, ie:

1. Anything that I may have, that I no longer use, I donate.  There is always someone else that can use your unused items.  If you have an electrical product that for some reason no longer works, there is always someone out there that knows how to fix it and put it to use again and if not, the item can be broke down and used for parts.  So if the items is not biodegradable, donate it!

2. I donated all my books, vhs, cds, dvds, that I no longer wish to keep to the library.

3. All my unwanted clothes go to “planet earth” donation boxes.

4. Most packaging is recyclable, so separate and recycle if your area does so.  I can not eat packaged foods; therefore, I have very little to deal with.  I am now trying to buy foods that are in as little packaging as possible.  It is not easy these days, but I try.

I have tried every way possible to make extra funds to no avail so I give up.  I am shouting UNCLE.  I will do what I am meant to do “give aid to those in need”.  I can’t do it financially but damn it all I will do any other way open to me!!! This is an off the wall statement but I feel that it needs to be said and it may ring some bells and help somebody just by me saying this:

Objects are not evil, there is no evil – it is all the people and the way things, including money, are used.  Where did I get this notion?  My Grandfather.  He had the blood of 3 tribal nations, and a mixture of French and Scotch.  I was in my late teens (many, many years ago) when he made this statement after I had made a statement about a book being evil.  I have encountered may instances over the years that proved his statement to be true, VERY TRUE!

So here I am.  I truly hope this helps you as much as it has helped me in writing it.

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Please take notice:  People who come to this page are seeking answers of one form or another; therefore, I have to stress this point to all those who are having a hard time understanding.  No I am not trying to be rude, I am trying to get my point across in a productive manner rather than allowing anger to dictate the situation, because I am far better than that and I have come to far to allow myself to respond to this in an improper manner.  Back to the point I am making

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  3. Comments not related to subject?  Get on board with what you are reading or Stay off.  Again I am not your free advertising page or message board.
  4. I would appreciate a little respect.  Granted respect and privacy are rare commodities these days; however, if you want it please give it.  Any comment that does not have a valid “name”, valid web “address”. and valid “email” will be deleted or spammed – “not approved”.  Sorry, but it has taken me months to get back to writing again and fixing this site, so no more fooling around!!!!!!

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